Thursday 20 September

19 Sep

English 9H– Today we will focus on chapter 13 in Bees.
Figurative Language- The author includes figurative languae many times in this book. We will look at pages 1-5 for some examples, then pages 257-261 to see how she uses figurative language to deepen the readers’ understanding.
Symbol- How does the Assumption of Mary fit into Lily’s story at this particular time?
Artifacts- Examine the artifacts that August gives to Lily.
How is the end of this chapter a kind of turning point for Lily?

English 9 SWS– We continue reading Chapter 1 (p1-7) titled “The How of Pooh?”  Keep up with notes as you will need them later.
Wrap-up- On the slip of paper, record ONE thing you learned about Taoism today.

AP Lang– Last Instagram presentations. Discussion of the Quindlen piece. Rough draft of Cave paper is due for editing in class tomorrow.

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