31 August

English 9- Station activity. Make sure you are enrolled in Google Classroom.

AP Lang- Policies and Procedures, Ungrading, Memoir presentation sign-up. All of this is in Classroom.

40 Hilarious Back To School Memes Everyone Can Relate To

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Welcome back!

I hope you had an enjoyable summer that recharged your batteries. Today we will be doing some get to know you activities.

Happy First Day of School Wishes and Quotes | WishesMsg
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Are you ready!

I’m so excited to start this school year! Check your email for a Google Classroom invite or use the codes on the front page of the blog.

Campground Sign 'Translated for Teenagers' - Truth or Fiction?
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7/8 December (Mon/Tues)

English 9H– It’s time for Shakespeare! Let’s start with a bit of introduction to the man and his time. First a short video. And another from my favorite, Mr.Sato.

Next we will go over some basics of comedy structure. Feel free to do more research on your own. Search “Shakespearean comedy elements”.

Characters and opening of Twelfth Night.

English 11WL- Please check your email for an invite to Wednesday’s support session. Let’s move to some literature for a while.

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3/4 December (Thurs/Fri)

Check in!- Mysterious metal monoliths have appeared in Utah and Romania. People speculating about the meaning and origin of these objects. What is an explanation for these things?

Clarification on Wednesdays. You need to be in support sessions if invited.

English 9H- Turning in video essay. Shakespeare webquest.

English 11WL- Counselor visits. Post-secondary assignment. Finish source work.

December 2020 Memes - StayHipp
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30 Nov/ 1 Dec (Mon/Tues)

Check in! Don’t know about you, but my shoe collection has been feeling pretty neglected lately. What are your favorite shoes?

Hello December | Hello december, December wallpaper, Hello december pictures

English 9H- Today we will be talking about turning FW#10 into your video. There is a document in Classroom that covers this information. Also, we need to look at the new (and improved) calendar.

English 11WL- Finishing up researching this week.

Hey! Looking for a good book? Check out this list from NPR!

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20 November (Friday)

Why You Should Tell Someone You're Thankful for Them | Zipwhip

What are you thankful for? Write about it in your notebook for about 3 minutes. Then put some ideas in the chat.

Today is a workday. Get your stuff done so you can have a relaxing break.

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18/19 November (Wed/Thurs)

Another Thanksgiving myth-busting video. Check it out and then add a fact about TG into the chat. And for more information, take a look at this article from Delish, a food magazine.

English 9H- Continue work on the research project. I added an editing guide as an assignment. Please make sure that is completed and turned in when you turn in FW#10.

English 11WL- Guess what we are doing? Yep! Keep getting sources, annotating, and taking notes. I put some more information about annotation in Classroom. Take a look!

14 Thanksgiving Memes To Help You Survive The Holiday With Your Family
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16/17 November (Mon/Tues)

Did you see the NASA launch last night? Check it out here.

Check in! It’s almost Thanksgiving. And there are some things we need to clarify. Watch this 3 minute video. Then come back and put one thing you learned in the chat.

Don’t forget to do the weekly check-in! Besides giving me something fun to read, it lets me know how you are doing. So, take some time and do it!

English 9H–> Today we will continue building paragraphs for your video essay. I will be conferencing with you individually, so please stay on the main Meet.

English 11 WL–> We keep marching forward on our goal of 4 more by 4 Dec.

20 Funny Turkey Day Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes
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12/13 November (Thurs/Fri)

Check in!- It’s so important to take care of ourselves. What are you doing for self-care and taking care of yourself?

English 9H-
How to put all those notes into a paper. I will plan to check in with each of you either today or next class.

English 11WL
Find 4 by the 4th! I will be calling you to the individual Meet, so stay on the main Meet, please.

Six Daily Questions to Ask Yourself in Quarantine
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