Wednesday 19 Sept

19 Sep

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English 9H– Today we are going to comb through chapter 12 and track the action. We will also look at suspense in this chapter. Handouts are in Classroom.

English 9 SWS-
Today we are starting a new unit based on the essential question, “How do belief structures shape government, society, and politics?”

But first, let’s watch a very short video called House at Pooh corner. 

Turn in the book to Chapter 1 (p1-7) titled “The How of Pooh?” This chapter explains the philosophies of Confucius, Buddha, and Lao-tse, all of which you will be learning about later in history. 

Wrap-up- On the slip of paper, record ONE thing you learned about Taoism today.

AP Lang– More Instagram presentations. Textbook page 17- Patterns of Development. For tomorrow, read the Quindlen piece in Classroom. Rough draft of Cave paper due for editing in class on Friday.

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