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Wednesday 26 September

It’s Jersey Day. It’s nearly impossible to find good pics of sports jerseys.

Image result for new jersey map

English 9H- Literary Analysis Extravaganza! Check Classroom for a list of other editing points to help you do your very best.

English 9 SWS- Work on FW#5. Read a bit more in Tao of Pooh.

AP Lang- Please sit in groups of THREE!

Table groups will make organizers of the three main patterns (Classical, Rogerian, Toulmin) as reference documents for the table. These will be available for all at the table and will probably move from table to table.

Include on the organizer examples from the texts we’ve read or some other source.  

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Tuesday 25 September

Howdy! It’s Western Day! 

Image result for western scene

Western scene by
Samir Rakhmanov

English 9H and English 9 SWS
Today we will look at the feedback you’ve received on your first 3 Friday writings. Then we will put that information on a grade tracker sheet. The “grade” that’s in Skyward means nothing right now. It’s all about your progress and your skill level at the end of the semester.

AP Lang– “Why Don’t We Complain?”  What is the argument, how does he make the argument, and is it effective?

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