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Thursday 30 August

English 9H-
Turning in FW#1
Discussion on last night’s reading–>Thoughts, Questions, Epiphanies
Bees reading schedule is posted in Classroom.

English 9 SWS-
Turning in FW#1
Library for a book to read. Anything you are interested in is fine.

AP Lang-
Choice articles
How does it all fit together?
Short writing in Classroom.

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Wednesday 29 August

English 9H-
Get iPad assigned to you
Fill out form in Classroom for book numbers
Using the writer’s notebook, find a short (2 sentence chunk) and write about it focusing on the author’s word choice and how it shapes setting.

English 9 SWS-
Get iPad assigned to you
Go to Google Classroom and find the article about teeth.
We will use the annotation strategies while we read this article. 

AP Lang-
“Why You Truly Never Leave High School”- Find 2 passages for discussion. You can either focus on content or author’s craft.
For tomorrow- Find an article about identity (any aspect). Read and annotate and bring to class tomorrow.

Memoir presentations begin Tuesday. Random chance. 


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Tuesday 28 August

English 9H- 

Run (actually walk) to the 2-203 lab to change passwords.
Writer’s Notebook
Friday Writing #1
Secret Life of Bees– Keep these books!

English 9 SWS
Today we will be reading an article using text annotations.
Also, we will look at this week’s Friday writing. It’s about something you know a lot about.

AP Lang
Writer’s Notebook
Ouellette article- Mark 3 passages for discussion. You will find this article in Classroom.

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Monday 27 August

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Digital resources   

No login needed

Daily lesson plans posted here

Log in with school email  (

Pick up and turn in assignments

Access class materials

Composition book

About me

First day of school schedule 2018-2019 (002)


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Just a few more days!

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