Article Round-up

As I run across articles that might be interesting for our classes, I’ll dump them here. Hopefully this will help me be more organized. It’s better than having 71 tabs open in my browser.

Are we as humans addicted to “hard work‘?

Pandemic Blog– A round-up of interesting articles about pandemics.

People need people. And there’s science to back that up.

Google Arts and Culture– Tons of info. I like the Cultural 5 for a quick learning break in the day.

Current events categorized by bias- GREAT site to compare issues

Smithsonian Teen Tribune- Lots of articles with option to change reading levels.

What’s with all the banana bread?

Metacognition- thinking about thinking

Have you forgotten what day it is? You’re not the only one.

Need help with daily scheduling? Try these tips.

Big Think has an amazing collection of articles. Spend some time here browsing.

Zoonotic viruses and why they are so disruptive

Celery is the vegetable we all need now.

Airplanes are still flying even though they are mainly empty. Why?

Language shapes our reality

Coronavirus- Why NY has higher death rate than CA

The science of how we see color

Balancing individual privacy and public health (India)

Why was this called a Pink Moon- Learn about the full moon names.

Inequities in distance learning

What all those notifications are doing to your brain

Forest Bathing- Not what you think it means

Short explanation of viruses. Use the links in the article for more info

Time passes quicker as you age

Link between pandemics and environmental policies

Our online behaviors have changed due to the corona-virus.

Handling social isolation– tips from a polar explorer

Illegal marijuana market in places it’s already legal

Help the bees– things you can do. Lots of resources on this site

The dangers of convenience

The cult of homework- why do we keep doing this?

How about a lottery system for college admissions?

What is gaslighting? How do you know if it’s happening to you?

Effects of social media on the classroom- yes, another article

Primates are murderers

Database of scientific research

The benefits of art for everyone

All things Shakespeare

Connection between social media and depression

Life Kit– Podcasts to teach us how to “adult”

Banning phones from school. It might be best for learning.

Orchid kids? Dandelion kids?

The structure of high school– does it work?

Creative Nonfiction– A whole website of this fascinating genre

Teens should understand how their brains work

Connections to other people are critical for healthy development

NY Times 100 Notable Books of 2018.

Would human extinction be a good thing?

Why can’t kids read? And what can we do about it?

The role of fraternities in shaping healthy masculinity

Teaching about race and racism- NY Times lesson plan

Connection between books and good mental health

Should we be allowing phones in class?

Remember when you liked loved to read?

Racial profiling in Chicago public schools?

Risks of screen time and digital media

Narcissistic parents like helpless kids.

The American Economy is Rigged– Scientific American

The Science of Sibling Rivalry

Another “what’s wrong with today’s kids” article- focus on parents

Kids these days! The Play Deficit.

The polar vortex is related to climate change!

The link between poverty and obesity is high fructose corn syrup

Explaining White Privilege – An Honest Discussion

Speech Sounds by Olivia Butler

United Youth Dublin– Civil activism group in Ireland. But there are lots of pieces here that could be useful.

Granta– A literary magazine of new writing. Fiction and nonfiction.

Learning is different from performing

Why do kids always throw up?

Growth can’t be green

Should YouTube be allowed free access to kids?

Cruelty is the point

Changes ahead for the Supreme Court

Power can really go to your head.

Women are angry... now what?

The pressure to excel in school

The women’s social media “blackout” was pointless

A “passing” grade is no gift

The Ford-Kavanaugh Hearings -Grotesque Display of Patriarchal Resentment

Have we forgotten about Yemen?

Understanding the cycle of sensational news

Should schools teach morality?

Negative effects of team sports

Is attending a private school the way out of poverty?

After the hurricane… then what?

How reading changes your brain

Teens who Talk Back

(from 1995) Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Man

Anxiety of White America

Thanks grandpa… How Baby Boomers broke America

Ivy League acceptance.. Not a guarantee of awesomeness

Effects of religion on the brain

Do authors put in symbols on purpose?

On teachers and school shootings (blog post)

Mental health and mass shooters (opinion article)

Break your screen addiction… now!

Does looking good invite harassment? #metoo

Coates– Trump and whiteness

Young kids and mental health

Retakes and resiliency

Decline of anti-Trumpism

Detrimental effects of tech in school… again

There will be no history for the 21st century

Are Millennials really that bad?

Is choice always a good thing?

What is that phone doing to you? Is it ruining your life?

You should be able to do this stuff by yourself

Inequality is obvious by age 3

What to do with “good” white people

Colin K’s protest was not about the anthem

Are AP classes worth it?

Why don’t American’s trust teachers? And think negatively about schools.

Lack of critical thinking

List of feminist YA novels

Social justice book list

The plague of busy-ness

8 ways to survive and thrive in midlife– But there’s good advice for all ages here

Four articles about why writing creatively and taking notes is better with a pen rather than computer.

Multitasking is a myth. We are kind of good at task-switching, but there is a price to pay.

Why do Christians love Trump? And why they won’t change.

Southern history is not about monuments

Your poverty is your problem.

America’s First White President– by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Hillbilly Elegy– Another excerpt and review of the book

Understanding Tea Party’ers– Excerpt from a longer book

Not caring is indicative of white privilege– We need to care

The War on Public Schools– How did this happen?

Noam Chomsky on effects of cutting bank regulations

Doing scientific research in an era of deep budget cuts

The Bad Kids– Documentary airing on PBS March 20

Diversity plan at Univ of Michigan- How this is being received by students

Short films to teach about race and bias- Kind of lesson plan material

So, you’re bored at school? Tough. Get over it.

White Nostalgia– The impact on our culture

“Cash Me Ousside Girl” and how white girls “should” act- From Buzzfeed and there is “language” in the article.

Music lessons were the best thing your parents did for you- Aside from a roof and food.

Going to jail costs money– It’s not a free ride.

Confident people are also the most humble- It’s science…

The realities of solitary confinement– What it does to the brain and more.

Food toxins and brain development– What’s the connection?

Writing with more clarity, and fewer words.

Re-reading The Handmaid’s Tale– And the rise of popularity in dystopian literature.

Social Media is hurting kids- From Secret Teacher

Living a more fulfilled life– One secret. Really?

Author can’t answer standardized test questions about her own poem

Coming home from college- You have changed, home has not.

If you are in a “time for change” kind of mindset, check out these TED talks.

Create a reading challenge for yourself. I did!

New Year’s traditions from around the world.

We need more happiness. Here is a glossary of happiness.

College admissions: a mysterious process.

Who are those “white working class” people that politicians talk about?

Hobbies make us better people. Find something to do besides work.

Have you ever heard about the Green Book? It was a travel guide of sorts.

Teens and sleep– characteristics of a night owl

Racism and grading– One student’s perspective

Suicide in Greenland– lengthy article about this disturbing trend

Bibliotherapy… Where can I sign up?

Hey you guys! Was that sexist?

Y’all is a great word– The need for a clear 2nd person pronoun

Devices Hurt Your Productivity– What none of us wants to admit…

How the Democrats Killed their Populist Soul– What’s a Watergate Baby?

The Rise of Special Snowflakes– A professor’s view

Misdiagnosis of ADHD– is Big Pharma to blame?

Generation Adderall– Growing up medicated

Digital Heroin– Screen addiction is real. Not sure how legit this site is…

Too much screen time– damages the brain. Legit website

Screens in schools– Good use of money?

Connection between literacy and longevity. Yet another reason to read.

Do you ever get tired when you are reading? Check out this article.

Amazing Satirical Piece- One Mother Asks…

Importance of liberal arts in college– And why it’s misguided to only study STEM

Controversy surrounding the rights of American Indians and a proposed oil pipeline.
From Upworthy          From LA Times
From NY Times
And even from Buzzfeed        And MTV.Why haven’t we heard more about this?

The Coddling of the American Mind– How Trigger Warnings are Hurting Mental Health on College Campuses.

Screens in School– A $60 Billion Hoax

Screen Addiction in children– Should we be worried about this?

Screen Addiction– Compared to heroin

The Allure of Joan Didion– from The Atlantic

Hey, Univ of Chicago: I am an academic. I am a survivor. I use trigger warnings in my classes. Here’s why.

Messy People are Smarter– Because, Science…

What We Eat Affects Everything– Connection between food and overall well-being

Why Parents Need to Let Their Children Fail– Failure is feedback

The E-Reader: The Most Daunting Anthology– So many options…

Take Notes by Hand– You remember better

The TED Summer Reading List– Not sure there’s that much summer left…

The Books People Re-read– What draws us to re-read some texts?

Your White Teacher is Woke– On teaching and racial issues

Bored at School? Read this article.

School Segregation– Does it still happen?

In Defense of Laziness– Pairs with another article

The Hunger Game– second in a series on the Syrian refugee crisis

We’re Destroying Our Kids– Plight of busyness

A Radical Way of Unleashing Genius– A school in Mexico

Declining Student Resilience– what college professors and the job market is saying about you

Big Five Personality test– Find out your type

What is credibility? And why you need to care.

Personal Identity is mostly Performance– Wearing, showing, and sharing the many things that make up your personal presence helps you understand yourself.

Playfullness– How to bring it into HS

Opinion- What causes poor white people to vote Republican

Ban PowerPoint– Really?

What’s wrong with US schools? Researcher asked the students

I’m 16 and school is destroying my health– Link between stress and health

Cool at 13, Awash at 23– Hope for the uncool?

Overparenting– How schools are handling this “problem” from NPR

Connection between “heliocopter” parents and depression in kids

SSR in HS– Sustained Silent Reading

Meeting new people– Because we all have to do this


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