Monday 5 December- AP Lang

05 Dec

More about flamingos. I’ve pulled some excerpts from the original (much longer) essay. Go to Classroom and begin reading the first excerpt. This is the intro to the piece. What point is the author going to be making?

Read the second excerpt. Does this affirm your idea? Stylistically, how do these excerpts differ?

In 1983, an artist named Christo wrapped islands in Miami’s Biscayne Bay in pink plastic. Why? What’s the connection to the flamingos?

Lastly, read the conclusion. Restate the point made in this last chunk. Does it fit with your first idea?

How does Price use humor and satire in this essay?


For Tuesday, read and annotate the passage about book clubs. We will be doing a multiple choice practice based on it.

For Wednesday, create two questions for our discussion of the end of Zeitoun.

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