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Thursday 15 December- English 9

Go to Classroom to open this document. Please write all of your work on that document.

Today we will be working with nonfiction texts to find the author’s main idea and supporting details from the text.

First, let’s check out this quick video about finding main idea and supporting detail.

Next, read the article linked below. After you finish, write a main idea statement.

Pds 1&4- America’s Wildlife Corridors are in Danger

Pds 2&5- Trauma Doc Urges Sledders to Wear Helmets

Main Idea= Topic + What the author thinks about the topic.

Next, fill in the chart below. You need to find THREE details that the author uses prove the main idea.

Main Idea chart

Main idea——————->>>

Topic + What the author thinks about the topic


Supporting detail #1

Supporting detail #2

Supporting detail #3

When you finish that, add the Newsela app from Self Service. Then browse around and choose an article to work with for tomorrow’s class.



Wednesday 14 December- AP Lang

Today’s list:

  • Work on satire paper

  • Read for the next unit

  • Review the columnist assignment (bumped to the top of Classroom)

  • Post on the Weekly List

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The Weekly List

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Wednesday 14 December- English 9

Today is the last day to work on the research final draft (due Friday). You can also use the time to finish up Friday #12.

Weekly list- Each week I will post a Padlet and a question. Add your thoughts (including your name). When I approve and post the responses, I will remove your name. Check out this week’s list below.