Monday 11 February

11 Feb

English 9H- Devour parts 1,2,&3. Spend about 10 minutes per section. Discuss the plot and action, characters, overall mood, and any connections you see so far. Any remaining time should be used for reading and/or working on FW#19.

English 9 SWS- Finish debate prep assignment from last week. This is due at the end of the day today! I will score this assignment for PS#3 (correct MLA citations) and PS#6 (grammar). On PS#6, a 3 only has a couple minor errors. A 2 has many minor errors and/or major errors such as capitalization and run-on sentences. A 1 has many major errors. I’m really tired of seeing errors in your writing that I *know* you could fix.

AP Lang- We Should All Be Feminists. What is her central argument? How does she make that argument? How effective is her argument?

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