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Wednesday 13 February

English 9H- Devour sections 4,5&6. Poetry revision suggestions are below. Read ahead if time allows. Tomorrow we will discuss parts 7 and 8. Don’t forget to turn in FW#19 if you’ve not done so already! Thanks for being awesome.

English 9 SWS- We are leaving the First Global Age and fast forwarding to Elizabethan England. Watch this intro video by Mr. Sato. This is the time of Shakespeare and the origination of modern theater. There is an assignment in Classroom titled “Elizabethan Life”. Complete this according to the directions on the first slide.

AP Lang- Today we start researching your social justice topic. As you go, you may find that your topic needs further adjustment. That’s fine. You know how to do that. If you need a computer, it looks like 2-203 will have room for you.

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Poetry Revisions

Highlight diction and verbs
Diction (words that aren’t working for me)
Verbs (strengthen or tense/endings)
Comment for things that are missing
Don’t go back to fix these things yet. Just highlight them.

Mark the most important image in the piece.
Mark the weakest image in the piece. How can you add more sensory detail to that image to make it stronger?
Start revising the things you marked on Friday.

Get published! 
Here are some contests that you could enter.


Remember, revision is messy. But necessary.

Poem revision (1)

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Monday 11 February

English 9H- Devour parts 1,2,&3. Spend about 10 minutes per section. Discuss the plot and action, characters, overall mood, and any connections you see so far. Any remaining time should be used for reading and/or working on FW#19.

English 9 SWS- Finish debate prep assignment from last week. This is due at the end of the day today! I will score this assignment for PS#3 (correct MLA citations) and PS#6 (grammar). On PS#6, a 3 only has a couple minor errors. A 2 has many minor errors and/or major errors such as capitalization and run-on sentences. A 1 has many major errors. I’m really tired of seeing errors in your writing that I *know* you could fix.

AP Lang- We Should All Be Feminists. What is her central argument? How does she make that argument? How effective is her argument?

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