Monday 9 Oct- AP Lang

08 Oct

Syntax focus– Order of parts in a sentence

Natural order of a sentence

involves constructing a sentence so the subject comes before the predicate

Oranges grow in California.

Inverted order of a sentence (sentence inversion)

involves constructing a sentence so the predicate comes before the subject (this is a device in which normal sentence patterns are reversed to create an emphatic or rhythmic effect)

In California grow oranges.

Split order of a sentence

divides the predicate into two parts with the subject coming in the middle

In California oranges grow.

Now try it. Create a sentence and revise it into each of these three patterns.

Columnist– Find another article by your chosen columnist. Record your thinking on the slide assignment in Classroom.

For tomorrow– Review the Declarations. Select one key sentence, one key phrase, and one key word for each piece. This will be the basis of our discussion and I will expect everyone to contribute. Yes, everyone…


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