Monday and Tuesday 16-17 March

15 Mar

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OK. So here we are. You will be out for sure until 6 April. Here’s what I think.

This is new to all of us. Be patient and help each other.

  • You need to keep doing school work. Eventually, school will be back to normal and you don’t want to have lost all the progress you’ve made.

  • I will still be working and will be available to you via online office hours. You can reach me at between 10am and 3pm. Outside of those times, I will also respond to email, but maybe not immediately.

  • I will start by grading the work submitted in Classroom and posting scored on Skyward. When I return work, I will let you know if something needs revision.

  • You can still access the library’s materials using MackinVIA. There are 1000’s of articles in the databases as well as digital books and audio books.

English 9H– Today, take the time to make revisions to your research paper. You should be down to grammar editing. There is a checklist in Classroom. Also in Classroom is this week’s Friday writing, the Research Reflection. Do that and have it in by the end of the week. Keep reading your dystopian book. It will either be a good distraction or a helpful instruction manual. Take home another book (or two). You may need them.

English 9 SWS– Take home a copy of Mango and keep reading and doing your 3-2-1 notes. By now, you know how this should work. Don’t forget the creative project too. That will be actually fun to work on during the shutdown. Also, take home a book (or several) and start working on the Q4 project. If you have online access, get a book using MackinVia and do some reading.

AP Lang– If you are taking the AP test, use the CB Classroom for practice. Between now and 6 April, write at least one argument prompt, one rhetorical analysis prompt, and probably 2 synthesis prompts. Email them to me for feedback. Otherwise, work on the Q4 project.

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