Thursday 27 February

26 Feb

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“Goldie Brangman was a part of the emergency surgical team at Harlem Hospital that was responsible for a successful emergency heart surgery that was performed on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. after he was stabbed during an assassination attempt in 1958. Many present that day argued for moving King to a different hospital since they were under the assumption that the staff at the Harlem Hospital weren’t up to the task. It was finally decided that King could not survive the move and needed help immediately. Brangman was responsible for physically operating the breathing bag that kept King alive during surgery.”

Walker, Angelina. “12 Leaders in Nursing and Medicine To Honor This Black History Month.”,

English 9H– Finish up with “Wild Honey”. Use the rest of the hour for research.

English 9 SWS– 10 minutes revision on your poem. Continue with Mango.

AP Lang- WL– Overlooked (Kellen)

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