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Tuesday 18 February

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“Patricia E. Bath, an ophthalmologist and laser scientist, was an innovative research scientist and advocate for blindness prevention, treatment, and cure. Her accomplishments include the invention of a new device and technique for cataract surgery known as laserphaco, the creation of a new discipline known as “community ophthalmology,” and appointment as the first woman chair of ophthalmology in the United States, at Drew-UCLA in 1983.”

“Changing the Face of Medicine | Patricia E. Bath.” U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, 3 June 2015,

English 9H– Finish “The Swimmer”. Wrap up writing in your notebook (Whole Class Reads). You need to have 2 sources and notes this week. FW#19 will be about those sources and notes. Be working on that.

English 9 SWS– Freewrite- 5 minutes. What do you want to learn about?  In CommonLit, “Abuelito Who”.

AP Lang– Synthesis prompt and research paper. Similarities? Differences? You need to have a topic finalized by Friday.

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