Thursday 13 February

13 Feb

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Neil deGrasse Tyson

“In addition to his work at the planetarium, Tyson has found other ways of improving the nation’s scientific literacy. “One of my goals is to bring the universe down to Earth in a way that further excites the audience to want more,” he once said. Tyson has taken his message to the airwaves, serving as the host of NOVA ScienceNow documentary series from 2006 to 2011. In addition to breaking down barriers between scientists and the general public, Tyson has brought diversity to astrophysics. He is one of the few African Americans in his field.”

“Neil DeGrasse Tyson.”, A&E Networks Television, 22 Jan. 2020,

English 9H- “The Swimmer”- Use the grid posted in Classroom for taking notes.

English 9 SWS– Need to finish and turn in the Country Project by tomorrow afternoon. Use the checklist in the assignment doc to be sure you have everything done. You need to have a citation on every slide showing what source you got the information from. Also, you need to have the information in your own words, NOT copied directly from the website.

AP Lang– HOPE presentation. FD of argument analysis due tomorrow. And tomorrow James will talk about “Axis Shenanigans”.

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