Friday 14 February

13 Feb

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Check out this fun map of birthplaces of 50 famous African Americans.

Alice Ball

“Alice Augusta Ball was an African American chemist who developed the first successful treatment for those suffering from Hansen’s disease (leprosy). Ball was also the very first African American and the first woman to graduate with a M.S. degree in chemistry from the College of Hawaii (now known as the University of Hawaii). Tragically, Ball died at the young age of 24. During her brief lifetime, she did not get to see the full impact of her discovery. It was not until years after her death that Ball got the proper credit she deserved.”

Worthen, Meredith. “Alice Ball.”, A&E Networks Television, 15 Jan. 2020,

Finish up Friday!

English 9H– Finish up and turn in FW#18. You can also use this small chunk of time to work on your research. We will finish up “The Swimmer” discussion on Tuesday.

English 9 SWS– Finish up Country Project. Finish up and turn in FW#18.

AP Lang– FD Argument Analysis. James will tell us about “Axis Shenanigans”.

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