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Madam C. J. Walker was born Sarah Breedlove in 1867 to parents who had been enslaved. She spent years as a struggling washerwoman but later achieved fame and fortune by creating a hair care line for black women. Walker was a talented promoter who often varied the story of how she came up with her products, but we know she was inspired by her own hair loss and a desire to serve the needs of other African American women.

Kettler, Sara. “How Madam C.J. Walker Invented Her Hair Care Products.”, A&E Networks Television, 10 Feb. 2020,

English 9H– Pd 2 go to the auditorium for the Diversity presentation. Others, we will be having a research day. Try to find 3 good sources to take notes on. Keep track of them with links and in your notebook. 

English 9 SWS– FW#18. Worksheet first, then the other doc.

AP Lang– Next book- food or creativity? Y’all decide. Peer editing of argument analysis.

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