Tuesday 11 February

11 Feb

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Toni Morrison’s work focused on African American life and culture, and she dominated an industry in which depictions of black life were often limited and rooted in stereotype…
And generations of black female writers, no matter their genre, have been touched by her. “Morrison is such a monumental figure, that there is no way you could write about black women’s experiences without taking her into account,” he said.
She showed, by example, the validity of black, female lives. And through her many “once upon a times,” Morrison’s expansive vision of black humanity now resonates around the globe.”

Bates, Karen Grigsby. “Toni Morrison, Whose Soaring Novels Were Rooted In Black Lives, Dies At 88.” NPR, National Public Radio, 6 Aug. 2019,

English 9H– Research topic decision day! Reading day- Either look for sources for your research or read “The Swimmer”. We will be discussing this story tomorrow; please come prepared. You can also start on FW#18 if you’d like.

English 9 SWS– Begin FW#18. Start with the worksheet.

AP LangWeaponized Lies “Fun with Averages” (Hailey)


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