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07 Feb

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“Aretha Franklin’s career spanned five decades, and she also was the first female performer inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. She’s had more than 100 singles that have reached the Billboard charts, and 17 of them have been top 10 singles. She’s won an impressive 18 Grammys, has sold more than 75 million albums, and she’s one of the most influential voices ever, inspiring and paving the way for acts such as BeyoncéWhitney Houston and Mariah Carey.”

“Aretha Franklin” The Undefeated, The Undefeated, 31 Jan. 2020, 

English 9H– Learn about the amazing resources available through the Mayo HS library. We will use Chromebooks for this.

English 9 SWS– Letter formatting and editing. Finish FW#17 and country slides. Access CultureGrams to find more about your country.

AP Lang– Argument analysis assignment. You’ve already done the hard part. Agree on a day next week for peer editing.

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