Wednesday 5 February

05 Feb

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Herman Branson- Sickle cell researcher

Herman Branson’s research interests were in mathematical biology and protein structure. He produced more than 100 research and other articles on physics and biophysics. Branson was co-inventor of the alpha helix and perhaps deserved a share of the Nobel Prize. As the story goes, somehow someone got Branson excluded from the prize. He also wrote extensively on physical-chemical studies of sickled anemic red blood cells.

“Herman Branson, Sickle Cell Physicist.” African American Registry,

English 9H– Syntax practice. Doc is in Classroom. Do this in your notebook and label as AC (author’s craft).
Comedy papers are due tonight! Don’t be late!

English 9 SWS– Country share-out! FW#17 topics and brainstorming. This will be labeled as MD (messy drafts).

AP Lang– Dissect article for argumentation analysis.

And just for fun… 40 Things Turning 35 in 2020.

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