Monday 11 November

10 Nov

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English 9H- Topic selection activity. Make this page in your notebook. Now, we will get up and talk to people about this.

Back on your own, fill out the form posted in Classroom telling me what you probably will be researching.

English 9 SWS– We will be leaving nonfiction for a while and working on some short stories for a bit. Then we will be reading a longer book. It will be excellent!

There is an assignment in CommonLit to start us out. We will begin together and then you will be responsible to finish it.

AP Lang– Analyzing visuals. I discovered the work of Uğur Gallenkuş (ugurgallen on IG) via a FB group. There’s lots here to unpack. Find one image to analyze. Then pick up the handout in Classroom for some guiding questions.

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