Thursday 31 October

31 Oct


English 9H

  • Finish CommonLit assignments (Carrots and Scared)

  • Turn in GE essay?

  • Get article for Thursday’s class- Any topic. Mostly informational or persuasive. 

  • Missing Friday writings? 

  • Read nonfiction book. Pay attention to tone as you read. 

  • Work on FW#8. You will probably need to refer to your nonfiction definitions.

English 9 SWS– A bit more of Supersize. Time to talk to your groups about the reading.

AP Lang– Looks like lots of absences today. Take a reading day and get the following texts read/annotated. “How to Mark a Book“. This is really useful information.
On Dumpster Diving“. We will do a major paper on this one analyzing diction and syntax.

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