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Friday 20 September

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Tomorrow is International Red Panda Day! Can you handle the cuteness?

English 9H- Characterization methods. A few notes and a character chart to help us determine how the author shows us the personality of the characters. Today’s work is actually pre-writing for next week’s writing.

English 9 SWS- Main idea and supporting detail practice. We will also write a summary of this article. I’ll look them over and make sure that we are ready to do this for a grade on Tuesday.

AP Lang- Bird by Bird (3-15).

  • Who is the author based on this section? Go beyond the obvious. Get into her persona and show who she is and what she’s all about.

  • Identify and describe components of the rhetorical situation: the exigence, audience, writer, purpose, context, and message.

  • Identify and explain claims and evidence within an argument.

  • How does the author use humor in the chapter?

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