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Tuesday 17 September

Today is Constitution Day! In 1787 our nation’s constitution was signed into law. Kind of a big deal.

English 9H– Character activity.
First make a 4 box grid in your notebook.
Put one character in each box. Pip should be in one box. The rest is up to you.
Think of one adjective that describes that character and write it in the box.
Add a piece of text evidence with page number.
Do that for all 4 boxes.
Now, get up and share/steal from other tables.

English 9 SWS– Note-taking activity
Write the section headings on your notes page.
With your table partner, read and discuss each section.
Decide together what you should write down as notes.
Remember, notes are a shortened version of the text.

AP Lang– What did Plato think of politicians?

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