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Friday 6 Sept and Monday 9 Sept

English 9H

Friday– Read ch 1-4 of Great Expectations. Take notes on characters, events, and questions you have. Turn in FW#1 by midnight.

Advisory- Watch this video and follow along.

Monday– Turn in reading notes on Classroom. You can take a pic and drop it right on the document in the assignment.
Share out the two articles you found on Wednesday. Make sure you have read your articles and have access to them for Monday. Directions are on paper.

English 9 SWS

Friday– Finish and type FW#1 to turn in today.
Read the article about the nutrient cycle and practice your marking and summary skills. Directions on the half sheet.

Monday– Read FW#1 and the feedback I left there. Ask questions!
Read and annotate the article on teeth and write a summary. Keep this in your notebook.

AP Lang

Friday– MC practice. It’s a diagnostic to see where you are. Don’t panic.
Monday– Timed writing diagnostic. Same.
College Essay work on Thursday and Friday (12-13 Sept). Have one piece ready for peer editing.
Read “Cave” (located in Classroom) for 16 Sept.

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Thursday 5 September

English 9H-
Distribute Great Expectations.
Read the first few pages to get the handle on the dialect.
iPad hand out procedures.

English 9 SWS
Text marking strategy. We will use the article about the Amazon rainforest and practice marking the text. Keep an eye out for main idea and supporting details.

AP Lang
Finish the Ouelette piece and Spacecat. On Tuesday next we will revisit the Senior piece from the summer reading.

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