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Tuesday 1 October

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English 9H– Reading check. Questions. Big events in this section.

English 9 SWS– Check in. How did yesterday go? Start reading Chew on This.

AP Lang– Buckley. Structure and rhetorical devices.

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Monday 30 September

English 9H- Reading check quiz tomorrow! Today we are starting on FW#5 Dickens as Social Critic. The materials you need are in Classroom. As you read the article, jot down notes and think about how the ideas in the article relate to Great Expectations.

English 9 SWS- Begin FW#3 Food Videos. Remember that this week’s writing is a rough draft that you are expected to revise and improve for next week’s final draft.

AP Lang- “Why Don’t We Complain?” At first glance, why don’t we? Or do we? 

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Friday 27 September

English 9H– Time to take a look at stock characters. The materials you need are in Classroom. You will explore and learn about your topic in teams of 3. Then you will move to a mixed group of 10 to share your knowledge.

Don’t forget to turn in FW#4 today!

English 9 SWS– Today we are talking about food. We will work through the food log sheets and try to figure out how well we are fueling our bodies.

Don’t forget to turn in FW#2 FD today!

AP Lang– Finish up with yesterday’s text. Short writing about it. Putting Buckley on hold until Monday.

Don’t forget to turn in Identity essay on Monday!


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Hey! Take a look!

Cool poetry event! Check it out!

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Thursday 26 September

English 9H– Feedback slips, 16-19 quiz, setting description. How does Dickens use word choice (diction) to show Pip’s disappointment in London?

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English 9 SWS– Feedback slips, creative writing, FOOD! What are the nutritional requirements for a teenager?

AP Lang– Commencement speech. Structure, claim, appeals. Why is this speech in *lots* of textbooks?

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Wednesday 25 September

English 9H– Finish Stage 1 visual and then work on FW#4.

English 9 SWS– Nonfiction skills assessment. Then, work on revising your FW#2 for run-ons.

AP Lang– Argument structure. In groups of 3, make a graphic organizer for the three main argument types: Toulmin argument, the Rogerian argument, and the Classical or Aristotelian argument.

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Tuesday 24 September

It’s Banned Books Week!

ALA Censorship by the Numbers 2018

English 9H– Stage 1 wrap-up– Create a visual showing the characters and events of Stage 1. This can be either on paper or digital. I’m being purposely vague with my directions. When you are done, turn in via Classroom.

English 9 SWS– Today you will be working in teams of 3 to correct run-ons in a paragraph. Everyone must participate! Best revision gets a snack!

AP LangBird— Chapter 2- Short Assignments (16-20)

  • How can the concept of the one-inch picture frame apply to life instead of just writing?

  • Explain the title of the book. 

  • Lighten up, Francis!

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Monday 23 September

Today is the Autumnal Equinox.

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Academic Seminar– Tomorrow is our first Academic Seminar. I have drafted people based on reading check quizzes. If you are not selected, you stay in your 2nd pd class.

English 9H– Go over FW#4. Quiz on ch 12-15. Time to start thinking about theme?

English 9 SWS– Grammar focus for this week–> Run-ons! Start with this quick video. This second video focuses on editing and creating more complex sentences.  Let’s see how we do at finding these errors.

AP Lang– Peer editing of the Identity essay.

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Friday 20 September

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Tomorrow is International Red Panda Day! Can you handle the cuteness?

English 9H- Characterization methods. A few notes and a character chart to help us determine how the author shows us the personality of the characters. Today’s work is actually pre-writing for next week’s writing.

English 9 SWS- Main idea and supporting detail practice. We will also write a summary of this article. I’ll look them over and make sure that we are ready to do this for a grade on Tuesday.

AP Lang- Bird by Bird (3-15).

  • Who is the author based on this section? Go beyond the obvious. Get into her persona and show who she is and what she’s all about.

  • Identify and describe components of the rhetorical situation: the exigence, audience, writer, purpose, context, and message.

  • Identify and explain claims and evidence within an argument.

  • How does the author use humor in the chapter?

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Thursday 19 September

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrg, mateys!

Feedback and a bit of creative writing for errrryone!

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English 9H– Reading day. Srrsly. You *have to* read this text. So today is your day.

English 9 SWS– Work on your interview RD. You can start typing it on the doc in Classroom.

AP Lang– Have you registered on AP Classroom? You *have to* do that. It’s required.  Distribute Bird by Bird. This is an excellent book about writing. Look for a reading schedule and more on Classroom.

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