Friday 19 April

19 Apr

English 9H- Place the paper with your quote somewhere in the room, outside toward the stairs, or in the hall toward 2-257. If you didn’t do this assignment, please see me NOW.

You will visit 4 other quotes during the class period. At each one, find a word or phrase and write about it. At the end, you will get your passage back and respond to each of the pieces of analysis written there.

  • You must discuss the connotation of the word or phrase to do a good job of diction analysis.  
  • Comment on the emotional response. What is the tone? Mood?
  • Comment on the purpose of the type of diction an author uses. What is the significance? What does it show us about characters? What does it show about the author? What does it show about the setting.  

Wrap up–> What’s the MOST important word in the passage you selected? Why?

English 9 SWS- Main idea, supporting details, and summary. Make sure you turn in FW#27 today.

AP Land- Work day.

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