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Tuesday 30 April

English 9H- LOTF theme wrap up assignment in Classroom. The formula below for using text evidence might be helpful.

  • It says- text evidence either quoted (best) or paraphrased.
  • It means- apply the text evidence to the point you are making.
  • It matters- how this connects to a larger point and/or theme.

English 9 SWS- Writing warm-up. Use the prompt on the calendar or anything else you want to write about. Another brain warm up. Read and take notes in your nonfiction book.

AP Lang- EoE part 2 tomorrow. Send me your blog address today.

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Friday 26 April

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English 9H– Focus on Lord of the Flies.

English 9 SWS– Do a journal writing for warm up. Short nonfiction. Finish this. You need to have 15 pages of articles and at least 3 notes for each article. Finish FW#28.

AP LangEast of Eden part 1. There are lots of connections to ICB and “New Community”.

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Thursday 25 April

English 9H- Work time. Make sure you are taking the time to understand this work. Check Classroom for updated due dates. Just saw this! Parable of the Sower is going to be performed as a play on Friday in Saint Paul!

English 9 SWS- Read this article. Use today to get a good start on FW#28. Also, I want you to be writing in your notebook each day. Take the paper copy of the topics and staple it into your notebook. Use those topics to get you started.

AP Lang- Work on the ICB/ Community essay.

Buy your tix for Robin Hood before they are sold out!

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Wednesday 24 April

English 9H- Stock characters in Lord of the Flies. Materials in Classroom.

English 9 SWS- History video answering the question “What was the most important turning point in WWII?”

AP Lang- How does the article “The New Community” relate to In Cold Blood?


Have you bought your tickets for Robin Hood yet?  

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Tuesday 23 April

English 9H- Classwork on Flies ch 7&8. Students in 6th pd should do this as homework.

English 9 SWS- We are going to see the play!

AP Lang- Discussion of “The New Community”. How does this piece relate to In Cold Blood?

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Monday 22 April

English 9H- Work time! Focus on the nonfiction book and the assignment for LOTF. FW#28 will be posted soon.

English 9 SWS- Today you will choose an article from to read, take notes on and find main idea and supporting details. Complete directions in Classroom.

AP Lang- Wrapping up ICB with the article “The New Community “.

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Friday 19 April

English 9H- Place the paper with your quote somewhere in the room, outside toward the stairs, or in the hall toward 2-257. If you didn’t do this assignment, please see me NOW.

You will visit 4 other quotes during the class period. At each one, find a word or phrase and write about it. At the end, you will get your passage back and respond to each of the pieces of analysis written there.

  • You must discuss the connotation of the word or phrase to do a good job of diction analysis.  
  • Comment on the emotional response. What is the tone? Mood?
  • Comment on the purpose of the type of diction an author uses. What is the significance? What does it show us about characters? What does it show about the author? What does it show about the setting.  

Wrap up–> What’s the MOST important word in the passage you selected? Why?

English 9 SWS- Main idea, supporting details, and summary. Make sure you turn in FW#27 today.

AP Land- Work day.

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Thursday 18 April

English 9H– 15 minutes to finish yesterday’s activity. Notes on diction analysis.

DICTION: the deliberate choice and arrangement of words to create a desired effect.
In Ralph’s eyes, the island is paradise; however the author gives some subtle descriptions that may show otherwise. What are at least two descriptions or items that show the island may not be totally idyllic? What specific words/phrases let the reader know this.

For tomorrow, find a 1-2 sentence passage from chapter 5 or 6 and copy it on a piece of paper. You should select this passage based on diction.

English 9 SWS– Catch up on journal writing. Read the article on ADHD. Pick out main idea and supporting detail. Write summary. This is individual work.

AP Lang– Work day.

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Wednesday 17 April

English 9H- Group activity

English 9 SWS- Mindfulness articles. Last 10 minutes to write today’s prompt.

AP Lang- Work time. Nonfiction book and East of Eden.

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Tuesday 16 April

English 9H- Intro Lord of the Flies.

English 9 SWS- Talk through your results from yesterday’s personality survey. FW#27.

AP Lang- Go over MC homework. Work time.

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