Thursday 24 January

24 Jan

English 9H- 10 minute Google “Migrant farm workers 1950s”. Share out what you learned. Read poem “Napa, California” by Ana Castillo and “Field Poem” by Gary Soto. Analyze one using the questions on the Sociological Criticism handout from yesterday. Don’t forget about FW#17!

English 9 SWS- The basics of MLA documentation. Let’s practice one together. Open this article. Find the author, title, website, date published, URL, date accessed. Now do this for the article you are reading for history. Finally, download Google Keep to your iPad. This will be a huge asset to for your research.

AP Lang- Introduce the synthesis paper. What does it mean to “interact with the sources”? Examine this classic prompt and strategize how you would approach the task.

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