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12 Dec

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English 9H– Continue researching your topic. Save your links and think about taking notes. Remember, Google Keep is a great way to keep up with stuff. Also, the turn-in link is live on Google Classroom for FW#14, the final draft of the Comedy Lit Analysis. There’s also a feedback form. If I think that the topic you turned in yesterday won’t work, I’ll email you directly. So, check your school email.

English 9 SWS–  What is a calorie anyway? Watch this video which explains the science behind this common word.
Caloric Needs- How do you know if you are eating the right amount of food? As starting place, calories tell us how much energy we need on a daily basis. Read this article about calorie needs for teenagers. Summarize the article, including the information in the charts.
Next steps- How many calories did you eat since yesterday’s class? Look at what you wrote down for food. There are *lots* of calorie count websites, or you can use this one. Write a paragraph or two about your food choices in the last day. This is NOT to judge you. It’s only informational.

AP Lang– Finish up the video essay which is due tomorrow. Read the last three required pieces on the Education Readings handout. They are also linked below.

Margaret Talbot, “Best in Class”

James Baldwin, “A Talk to Teachers”

David Foster Wallace, “This is Water”

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