Monday 5 November

04 Nov

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English 9H-

It’s time for Shakespeare! Let’s start with a bit of introduction to the man and his time. First a short video. And another from my favorite, Mr.Sato.

10 minute Google!- Find as much as you can about Elizabethan England. Put ONE piece of information on the Padlet linked below.

Pd 2 
Pd 5
Pd 6

Later, when you are on a computer, take this Interactive tour (This does NOT 😦 work on iPads). Here is a Video tour with better visuals.  You can also use the search terms“Globe theater interactive tour“ to find more.

This week’s Friday writing is also about Elizabethan England.

We will be reading Twelfth Night, one of Shakespeare’s comedies. First, we will start with some basics of comedy structure. Feel free to do more research on your own. Search “Shakespearean comedy elements”.

English 9 SWS-

Last week’s FW got moved to this week’s. We will also have a writing about your book this week. Be thinking about the conflicts in your books, both internal and external. We will spend the majority of this week on these books.

AP Lang-

Zeitoun part 1. Focus our discussion on how Eggers tells the story and how he shapes the reader’s reaction to the story.

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