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Friday 30 November

English 9H- Twelfth Night Act 4 and 5. Here is the 1986 version if you’d like to view it.

Start reading your choice book over the weekend. You will need to have these books read by 16 Dec.

English 9 SWS- More practice with sentences and fragments. Materials in Classroom.

Make sure you turn in FW#12 (character paragraph).

You need to be finished with these books NEXT Friday. Yes. I mean it.

AP Lang- Complete the self-analysis for yesterday’s timed writing. Catch up day. Make sure you are through part 4 of Zeitoun for Monday.

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Thursday 29 November

English 9H- Finish yesterday’s scene. View the whole scene. How to do in-text citations for drama. Use any remaining time to work on FW#12. Don’t forget to find a book for next week!

English 9 SWS- Read. Work on FW#12. Read some more.

AP Lang-

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Wednesday 28 November

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English 9H- Announcement! Get a fiction book for our next unit. Any book will do as long as it’s fiction and more than 200 pages. You will need it next week!

10 minute brainstorm for FW#12. Continue with Act III, scene iv. We begin as Sir Andrew is revealing his letter to Sir Toby.

English 9 SWS- Characterization paragraph. Reading time

AP Lang- Grammar lesson. Materials are in Classroom.

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Tuesday 27 November

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English 9H- Review Malvolio’s letter. How do others interpret his change in behavior? Today we will be reading Act III, scene iv.

English 9 SWS- Review the characterization paragraph. This is now FW12. During today’s reading, use the characterization chart in Classroom to help you take notes.

AP Lang- Go over timed writing from last month. Read Zeitoun part 4. Tomorrow we are going to work on some specific grammar skills. Get excited!

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Have a fantastic Thanksgiving Break!

Today we are thankful for…


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Tuesday 20 November

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English 9HTwelfth Night Act III, scene i-ii. Turning point is in III i. Find it.

English 9 SWS– Characterization paragraph. READ!

AP LangZeitoun part 2 continued

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Monday 19 November

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English 9H– We continue reading Twelfth Night. Begin Act II scene v as Maria and Toby execute the plan with the letter. For this section, we will use the modern translation and then watch the video.

English 9 SWS– Continue reading our books. This week we will focus on characterization (short bit of notes).

AP Lang– Zeitoun part 3. How is this section different? Focus on the techniques the author uses to show the difference in this section and the others. Also look at how he builds tension in this part.

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Thurs/Fri 15-16 November

ALL assignments are posted on Google Classroom.

English 9H- You will be working on the Elizabethan Life slides and Friday #11. Also, use some time to re-read Acts 1 and 2 of Twelfth Night using No Fear Shakespeare.

English 9 SWS- Please complete the assignments Friday #11 and Conflict Writing. You should also use this time to read your books. Make a goal of getting ahead of the schedule posted on the board.

AP Lang- You will be working on a short writing on Zeitoun parts 1 and 2. Also, you will be completing another columnist check in.

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Wednesday 14 November

English 9H- Twelfth Night Act 2 Scene 3.

English 9 SWS- Writing about the conflict in your book.

AP Lang- Sentence Battle! Finally…

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Tuesday 13 November

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Have you bought your tickets for the musical? Get them!

English 9H- Twelfth Night– Character connections. First, let’s fill out some of the character chart. Then, we will use a video from the Montana Shakespeare Company to learn more about makeup and costuming. If you need a resource for the full play, here is one from this same acting company.

English 9 SWS- Go to the play!

AP Lang- Zeitoun part 2 part 2. You will have a writing about this text at the end of the week.
Please have another article from your columnist ready for an activity on Thursday/Friday.

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