Monday 22 October

21 Oct

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English 9- Hours 2,3, and 6 will be going to room 2-257 for a guest speaker. Hour 5 will stay in the classroom and work on this week’s Friday writing.

AP Lang- Today we will be working with the essay “On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner. This excerpt is from a longer work titled Travels with Lizbeth, which the author wrote when he was homeless. The book is written in vignettes because the author says “a homeless life has no story line.” Take a few minutes to review the text. Then, choose THREE of the comprehension questions. Don’t pick the easy ones; pick the ones that will help you understand the text.

Next, do numbers 1,4 and 6 of Purpose and Audience and 1-4 of Style and Structure. For tomorrow’s class, review the chapters we have read in Bird by Bird. Find a section that reminds you of Eighner’s essay. The connection is up to you, and you will be closely examining these two texts with regard to diction and syntax. Please bring the excerpt and some notes to class on Tuesday.

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