Friday 12 October

11 Oct

It’s National Gumbo Day! Gumbo is a thick stew, with chicken, beef, or seafood. It is heavily seasoned with Cajun spices. And, it absolutely must contain Okra.

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English 9H– Last day to research! Don’t forget about FW#7. Eventually you will need to have your 3 outside sources and your book on that annotated WC, but just 2 is fine for this week. Here is an excellent single page cheatsheet for MLA8 formatting.

English 9 SWS– 10 minutes to work on FW#7. How can you make that character even more interesting? Read in your groups. We will also keep notes as we go so we can remember what’s going on.

AP LangToday we will work with the sections titled Polaroids and Broccoli. Your task is to find examples of SIX of the vocabulary terms. Write the example and a brief explanation on an index card and place it in the pocket chart. You might not find an example of every one of the terms, but there are lots to find.

For Monday- “Coming to an Awareness of Language” by  Malcolm X

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