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Thursday 11 October

Today is Kraken Day!

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English 9H- Keep working on getting all the notes you can. Are you keeping track of where the info came from?

English 9 SWS- Today we will start talking about what happens when society is disrupted. In your notebook, write about how you would survive if society collapsed. How would you feed your family? How would you remain safe? What would you do when the power went out?

AP Lang- Columnist diction check. How’s it going? Bird by Bird “Polaroids” and “Broccoli” for tomorrow.

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Wednesday 10 October

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It’s Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day!  You know how to celebrate this day. Dress him up for the big event. Plan for a big day. Take your Teddy Bear on a tour of the workplace. Bring Teddy to lunch in the work cafeteria. If your boss allows it, let Teddy do a work-related project.

English 9H
Workday! Get stuff done.

English 9 SWS
Students will be reading about the Battle of Thermopylae (paper copies of article). Other materials are in Classroom. There is also a map attached to the assignment. It might make sense to go over the map as you read. 

AP Lang
Columnist assignment posted in Classroom.

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