Thursday 13 September

13 Sep

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English 9H-

Happy things- Spend 3 minutes reflecting on what is good. Or just look at this picture.

Theme intro.- Mr Sato has a great video about finding theme. Below are some guidelines for writing a solid theme statement.
* Must be a complete statement.
* May NOT be a single word or topic.
* Is not a “should” statement.
* Does not include 1st or 2nd person pronouns.
* Must be a universal belief about life.
* Is not about the book, but rather the world we all live in.

Next, go to Classroom and open the slides about Archetypes. Skip to the last slide and follow directions there.

English 9 SWS- Today we will start learning about Ancient Egypt. Go to Newsela and search for “ancient Egypt”. Find an article that looks interesting to you. Read, annotate, and summarize it using the assignment found in Classroom.

AP Lang- College essay workshop. Directions in Classroom.

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