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Monday 26 March

SWS- Continue reading Animal Farm. Each character and groups of characters represent historical figures. FW#23 is posted. Look over it and we will have time to write tomorrow.

H9- Style analysis. Answer the questions you chose last time. Then read over the Q4 Project and FAQ’s. Any other questions?

AP- Review of last week’s timed writing. Materials are in Classroom. First, read the scoring guide. Then look at the student samples. After that we will look at what you wrote.

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Friday 23 March- Spring?

SWS- Finish FW#23. Start Animal Farm.

H9- Last day to work on the graphic essay. Turn in on Monday.

AP- Workday. Plan for peer editing of SJ paper on Tuesday.

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Thursday 22 March- SWS

Your class has rebelled against Ms. Ekman and you won. Congratulations, workers!

In order to be respected in the school, you must complete the following tasks before 10:15 TODAY. No time to waste! You must have consensus on these 5 things.

New name for the class
Class motto
Class flag
Commandments (at least 4)
A structure of class leadership

Remember, you must finish this by 10:15 and you must have consensus. Good luck!

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Thursday 22 March- All

SWS- See above.

H9- Continue working on graphic essay. Would it be better for these to be due when you come to class on Monday?

AP- Timed writing–> Must be on paper. Do NOT put your name on it. Instead, use the number I assign you.


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Wednesday 21 March- Talent Show Schedule

SWS– Finish FW#23. Find a quiet place to read your work out loud and catch any spots that need extra attention, more detail, or just fixing.

H9– Getting started with the graphic essay. Start a rough draft, planning what goes where. Think of the overall effect of your project and how it will represent the whole of the novel.

APWeaponized Lies–> Courtney will teach us about “How Numbers are Collected” (page 75). Then we will discuss the Q4 project posted in Classroom.

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Tuesday 20 March- All

SWS 9- FW#23–> Discuss prompt, read article, begin planning and drafting.

H9- Style analysis using passages from dystopian books.

AP- Workday. I hope you got LOTS done yesterday.


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Monday 19 March- All Classes

SWS- Video–> Mankind: The Story of all of Us (#10: Revolutions).   Mr. Brue will intro this.

H9- Work on getting text excerpts to prove your thesis and planning your project.

AP- Check your email for personalized to-do lists.

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Friday 16 March- All Classes

Finish up Friday.

SWS- Finish organizer for cell phone/brain article. Finish FW#22

H9- Finish Odyssey. Meet with book groups to brainstorm project. Turn in thesis via form in Classroom.

AP- Focus on social justice paper.

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Thursday 15 March- English 9

SWS- Finish up from yesterday.

H9- Book group #4. Discussion questions on tables. Reflection form in Classroom. We will also talk about the graphic essay. And maybe finish The Odyssey

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Week of 12 March- AP Lang

Monday- Critical reading practice (Wilde/Forbes)

Tuesday- Workday (focus on social justice paper)

Wednesday- WL Hijinks (p43)

Thursday- Discussion BWM (p73-end)

Friday- Workday (focus on social justice paper)

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