Wednesday 8 Nov- AP Lang

07 Nov

Some notes of clarification—

All work posted in Classroom must be completed, unless noted otherwise by your teacher.

Assignments generally fall into three categories, but often fit in more than one.

  1. Assignments due for in-class workshop; these assignments may not be entered into Skyward, but will always be necessary for development of skills and concepts and facilitation of discussion.

  2. Assignments due for grading; these assignments will be scored and entered into Skyward using a 3 or 9 point scale depending on the type of work completed.

  3. Assignments due on a suggested timeline; these assignments stand on their own, but alr also connected to long-term work (i.e. Columnist Assignment).

Always refer to Classroom for work instructions, resources, due dates, and other expectations.

Essays Final Four–

Independently, read the final four essays
While reading, make note of strengths and weaknesses in each essay. Record these on the G’form in Classroom.
Open large group discussion of strengths and weaknesses in each match-up.
Group consensus winner to advance to championship round.


A few of your discussion questions.

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