Tuesday 24 Oct- AP Lang

23 Oct

FYI- We are planning something important for Academic Seminar next week and the following week (31 Oct and 7 Nov). Please plan to attend.

Diction Analysis Practice- This is also in Classroom

  1. Choose one passage from Bird by Bird (between 6 sentences and ½ page).

  2. Review the passage and write down 3-5 examples of highly connotative diction. Make notes about those words as you go

    • what is implied in the connotation?

    • how do those words connect to the meaning?

    • what is the emotional “tag” of the words you marked?

  3. Go back through the passage and discover concrete details and abstract details. See note on abstract and concrete details in the handout.

  4. What is the effect on the reader? In other words, how does the author use these words and details to convince the reader?

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