Monday 16 Oct- AP Lang

15 Oct

Diction Introduction- If you don’t know these terms, you need to look them up. Use either the textbook or the Google.

Ch 3 SFD

  1. Lamott says that the perceptions most people have of how writers work is different from the reality of the work itself. She refers to this in paragraph 1 as “the fantasy of the uninitiated.” What does she mean?

  2. In paragraph 7 Lamott refers to a time when, through experience, she “eventually let [herself] trust the process – sort of, more or less.” She is referring to the writing process, of course, but why “more or less”? Do you think that her wariness is personal, or is she speaking for all writers in this regard? Explain.

  3. From what Lamott has to say, is writing a first draft more about the product or the process? Do you agree in regard to your own first drafts? Explain.

HW- Read “School Lunches”. Find ONE short passage (1-3 sentences) that has the most meaning. Copy it onto a piece of paper and bring it to class for tomorrow.

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