Wednesday 20 Sept- English 9H

19 Sep

Chapter 10
Who are these people? (p 44)

Turn to page 46, discuss the setting in your groups, are there any symbols you notice?

On page 47 we can see Miss Havisham’s family interacting. Do they genuinely care about Miss Havisham?

Chapter 11
(Start at the top of page 53 and go through the top of page 54). Pay attention to Joe and Pip. What do you notice about each character’s interaction in this scene? How does it characterize them? Discuss.

(p 55) (second paragraph from the bottom) “But I am glad to know that I never breathed a murmur to Joe…” How does Pip regard Joe in this scene? How does Pip regard himself?

Character web- On your piece of blank paper, start a character web to show connections among the people in this story. Decide who goes in the middle and how others branch off.

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