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Monday 18 Sept- English 9 SWS

Today we will finish up the rough draft of the Farming Paper with your introduction and conclusion.

When I looked at these over the weekend, I noticed many didn’t have CITATIONS! Check your work.

Also, your paper needs to look like a paper with paragraphs. Remove all of the directions and be sure it is 4 clear paragraphs. Works Cited goes at the bottom.

When you have it tidy, let one of us check it and then we will print a paper copy for editing.

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Monday 18 Sept- AP Lang

We are going to start this discussion a little differently.

On video, record your argument/response to the questions below. When you are finished, upload your video essay to Classroom.

  • What is the most important thing to consider in shaping outward identity (both in real life interactions and in writing)?

  • What is the exigency of this conversation for today’s American student?

You read Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”, which is about this subject and also how we see the broader world. What would Plato have to say about identity in our society? Can  you back that up with evidence from “The Cave”?

2-3 minutes edited. You may use iMovie or anything else you can think of. Due by 3:05, regardless.

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Monday 18 Sept- English 9H

First, let’s talk about the grading policy for this class. You may have noticed the rubric attached when I returned Friday #1. The big takeaway is that percentages don’t matter. Consistency and growth do matter. Everyone can improve.

Discussion chapters 4-6

First, discuss at your tables: 1 thing you predicted would happen, and 1 thing you did not expect to happen. Finally, ask one question you have about the book so far, either about what we’ve already read, that you would like clarification on, or something coming that you’re curious about. Write your responses in your notebooks as an opener. One person should keep track of the what is discussed, as we will be sharing later.

Characters- There are so many in this section. Make a list of the characters in this section. How much do we find out about them? Are any as fully shaped as Pip? Why?

Conflicts- Many conflicts, both internal and external. Keep track of these.

Satire- Chapter 6 is Dickens’ satire of education during his lifetime. How is he pointing out the failings of the system? What do you think he hoped for instead?

Homework: read chapters 7-9 (p 30-43), while you are reading keep notes on the setting (Satis House) and the two new characters we meet, Estella and Miss Havisham.

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