Friday 8 Sept- AP Lang

08 Sep
  1. Welcome to the Image result for first friday of your senior year!

  2. Summer Work- Full instructions for summer work posted on the front page of this blog. You will need to gather/collect all summer work (10 minutes, tops) and turn it in on Classroom. If you have handwritten pages, snap pics and add to your doc.

  3. On Monday we will have 90 second memoir presentations. For your presentation, you will need to tell us about the book, what made an impression on you, and something about the style of the book. Refer back to the writing that you did about the book.

  4. There is an assignment in Classroom titled Bio Writing. Your response should include the following ideas.

    1. Who are you?

    2. How did you get there?

    3. Who do you want to be?

  5. Spend any remaining time looking for a column for Tuesday’s class.

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