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Week of 8 May- AP Lang

Week 2 of AP testing. Stay strong!
Here is what’s going on this week. Let me know if this needs adjustment because of AP testing or field trips.

If you are taking the AP Exam, make a list of written pieces you could refer to on your test. You should also review the materials in Classroom, esp the writing prompts. It’s good to know what the test will look like.

Monday– [Mock Crash between 6th and 7th] Corn Pone Opinions– Question numbers 3,5,8,9,10, and 11. We will use this piece to review argumentation using the Toulmin model.
Tuesday– Finish up with “Corn Pone”.
Wednesday– [Lang test 8am] Begin Legacy Project. Ms Devick will be here to get you started on this.
Thursday– Workday
Friday– Workday

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Monday 8 May- English 9

It’s time for Shakespeare! Let’s start with a bit of introduction to the man and his time. First a short video. And another from my favorite, Mr.Sato.

10 minute Google!- Find as much as you can about Elizabethan England. Put ONE piece of information on the Padlet linked below.

Pd 1
Pd 2
Pd 4
Pd 8

Later, when you are on a computer, take this Interactive tour (This does NOT 😦 work on iPads). Here is a Video tour with better visuals.  You can also use the search terms“Globe theater interactive tour“ to find more.

Midsummer Night’s Dream– Set up character chart. There are 3 categories of characters: the Nobles, the Rustics, and the Fairies. Create a graphic organizer with the characters in the play. Divide them into the three categories. You may use paper or the iPad for this.

How to read this Shakespeare stuff.

Setting the scene and doing a bit of reading. Begin Act 1– Character introductions of the Nobles.