Thursday 27 April- English 9

26 Apr

Pds 1&4- Literary Lenses–>

Lenses- Imagine putting on blue tinted glasses. How would that change what you see? How about if you put on glasses that only have a tiny window to see out of? Think of the how things would look different. Literary lenses are a similar idea. By looking at a text through the lens, we see the meaning in a different way. Today we will be discussing the 8 lenses and applying some to Flies. Tomorrow we will be doing an activity using these lenses and a poem. Handouts are in Classroom.

Pd 2- The House on Mango Street–> Start with a few minutes to work quietly on Friday #28. Then begin reading Mango in the chapter titled “Chanclas”.

Pd 8- Night–> Pick up where we left off on Tuesday.



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