Friday 21 April- English 9

21 Apr

Pds 1&4- Lord of the Flies
Start with a clip from the TV series LOST.

Character foils- In literature, a foil is a character that shows qualities that are in contrast with the qualities of another character with the objective to highlight the traits of the other character. The term foil, though generally being applied for a contrasting character, may also be used for any comparison that is drawn to portray a difference between two things. What we observe in literature very often is that a foil is a secondary character who contrasts with the major character to enhance the importance of the major character (source Literary Devices).

Start taking notice of how Jack and Ralph are developing as foils.

Page 34- How does this short interchange show characterization?

Beastie- What does this symbolize in society? Why do we need it?

What is the role of propaganda in a society?

Take notice of the struggle for leadership and Piggy’s role in it.

How does the contrast between responsibility and instant gratification begin to impact the events on the island?

What is the effect of the last sentence of the chapter?


Pd 2- The House on Mango Street

Continue with notes and chapters.

Pd 8- Night

Continue with chapter 3.



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