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Wednesday 19 April- English 9

Pds 1&4- Lord of the Flies Chapter 1
Backing up and getting a bit of historical context. 10 minute Google!

DICTION: the deliberate choice and arrangement of words to create a desired effect.
In Ralph’s eyes, the island is paradise; however the author gives some subtle descriptions that may show otherwise. What are at least two descriptions or items that show the island may not be totally idyllic? What specific words/phrases let the reader know this.

Go visual! Using the descriptions from Jack, Simon, and Ralph, formulate a rough sketch of what you think the island looks like. There are plenty of important landmarks to acknowledge. Go back into chapter 1 to find lots of descriptors to include on your group’s map.

Pd 2- The House on Mango Street
Continue reading/ taking notes.

Pd 8- Night
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