Thursday 13 April- English 9

12 Apr

All classes- Be sure that Friday #25 is turned in and that you are on track to turn in Friday #26 tomorrow.

Pds 1&4– There is a short story posted in Classroom and you need to read it for class tomorrow.  As you read, pay attention to the archetypes we discussed this week.

Pd 2Here are the chapter assignments. Those without names beside them will be taught by Ms Ekman, Ms Smith, or Mr K. Today I will walk you through the process for teaching your chapter and then you will have the rest of the hour to prepare. You will be responsible for reading the chapter to the group. Practice!

Pd 8– Continue with Chapter 1 of Night. Yesterday’s reading was mostly Ordinary World. Complete your 3-2-1 notes for that section. Stuff starts to happen for real now and we will start another 3-2-1.



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