Tuesday 11 April- English 9

10 Apr

Pds 1&4- Archetype notes. You have some of this from September. You can add to those notes, or you can start fresh. Using Lord of the Flies, find a random paragraph and see if any of these archetypes immediately jump out at you.

Pd 2- Today we will start reading a whole class novel, The House on Mango Street. In this video, the author talks about the book and tells a bit of the background.

Flip through the book. What do you notice? After a few chapters, we will divide up the chapters. Each one of you will be responsible for teaching us your chosen chapter. Don’t worry. This will be very cool. You will get to decide what’s important and what’s essential for your classmates to know about this book.

Pd 8- The year is 1943 and the place Europe. Find out what is going on. Do some research on to find out what was happening in that time and place. Write a detailed paragraph about what you find out.

We will watch a bit of Oprah’s interview with Eli Wiesel, author and Holocaust survivor. Be warned- there are graphic images in this video.

As we begin Wiesel’s memoir titled Night, remember the Hero’s Journey. It applies to this story also. Chapter 1 is stage 1, the ordinary world.



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