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Monday 10 April- AP Lang

You’ve had almost a month to be working on your reading, writing, and viewing assignment. How’s it going? By the end of the day, you need to publish a post on your blog updating your progress on this task.

After you do the blog update, pick up the reading for this week in Classroom. There are two articles and a handout for your reading enjoyment.

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Monday 10 April- English 9

Friday #25 is due tomorrow. Make sure you get this turned in.  Friday #26 is posted in Classroom. It’s a check-in on your nonfiction book.  This should be finished by next Friday 21 April. You may use today to finish 25, read, and/or start 26.

Pds 1&4- Tomorrow we will have notes about archetypes and literary lenses. Please bring your copy of Lord of the Flies.

Pds 2&8- Tomorrow we will begin a new class read.